Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Contrary to popular belief, the world is actually square. It is a box. There are six sides and you live on one of them.

Most people live on the top side. They are right side up. They have their head in the clouds. Everything is held down by gravity. Nobody gets too close to the edge because you might fall.

There are a large number of people who live on the sides of BoxWorld. They have built platforms that extend outward and can be seen from above. It is a dangerous life, there on the side. They are exploring territory that isn't safe, protected, guarded, or easy to navigate. They are creating art.

On the bottom of the box, there a few people trying to hold on. The people up top think the bottom dwellers have lost their minds, living down there. But the bottom dwellers are dreamers. They don't see the fact that at any moment they could fall into space as a problem. You see, the bottom of BoxWorld is the only place where you can create magic.

The bottom dwellers are writing, singing, painting, touching something eternal. Yes, they might fall. At any moment, all of their heavy ideas could dislodge them from the box and send them out into the unknown. But they refuse to return to safer ground. They hold on, they inspire the people on the sides, they confuse the people above, they make everybody wonder--if only for a moment--about the Beyond.

Let go. . . .

Drift. . . .

In space. Floating. Outside of the box. Do you see them? There are so few. They aren't weighed down by gravity. They aren't busy building platforms. They aren't holding on with one hand. They are free. They are weightless. They create beauty that we cannot describe. It comes to us, as if from the heavens. There are only a few out here. They are the truly daring. The timeless. There is Tolkien, there is Lewis, there is Mozart, there is Rembrandt.

But they are dead, you say.

They are alive. We see them every day. We marvel at their art. We try to emulate it. We call it classic. We call it Masterpiece.

Dwell here for a moment. . . .





They are the drifters. They are Beyond. They are free.

Where are you?


Steve said...

I think that I am somewhere on the fold between the side and the bottom. I am not sure if I am trying to go up, or down.

James Andrew Wilson said...

You're going down, Bro! :)