Tuesday, March 9, 2010


My dad and I went to see Alice In Wonderland yesterday in AMAZING 3D! If you haven't seen Avatar or Alice and experienced the wonder that is RealD, then you're missing out. This isn't the red/blue, queasy 3D of the past. This is the future of moviemaking, a future in which movie-goers leave the cinemas with red marks on their noses and huge Cheshire Cat smiles on their faces.

The new technology got me thinking about the longevity of movie formats. From VHS to DVD to BluRay and now to RealD, it seems impossible to keep up with the ultimate way to enjoy film. Before we know it, those BluRay discs we're buying for twenty bucks will be in the five dollar bin because everybody will be buying the thirty dollar RealD movies.

Movies and movie-making techniques are constantly evolving. They have to. We get used to bigger-than-life special effects, we get used to High Definition, we want more. I think 3D is the future of movies, but I don't think it will last long. Something new will come out. Give it five years and we'll all be putting on glasses that allow us to look all the way around at a 360 degree movie. And it won't stop there.

Books are different. You don't need the new HD bookshelf or the goofy glasses or the three thousand dollar surround sound system to get the complete experience of the latest bestselling novel. In ten years, that book will still be full color, high-def, 3D, 360 degree, and full of smells, emotions, feelings, and wonders that will never require you to spend all of your tax return at Best Buy to enjoy.

Long live the book!