Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mile-High Slush Pile

It’s been over five years in coming, but today, finally, I signed a contract with a literary agent. When I started out on this journey I was 16. I didn’t even know that literary agents existed or that I would come to dream of signing my blood-and-sweat-creations over to one of these crucial people in the business.

My agent, Rachel Zurakowski of Books and Such Literary Agency, is a young lady with a passion for young writers and a keen appreciation and understanding of the genre I write. The cross-genre, really, since I tend to blend my stories into a smorgasbord of fantasy, sci-fi, thriller, and suspense goodness.

There is no secret password to the heart of an agent, no dance or ritual (that I know of anyway). All that is required is a great story, great writing, and a personal passion to make the absolute best book possible—even if that means cutting two or three of your favorite (and totally unnecessary) chapters. So to all of you writers out there: Stick with it! I managed to stand out in the Mile-High Slush Pile. There’s hope for you too.

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